INTERmission 2011: Jessica

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Honduras was my spiritual lifesaver.

I was born and raised in the Adventist church, participated in many community mission projects as well as planing church evangelistic meetings. I also have always been active in the church. I thought my life was fine. Until June 1, 2011, when my husband and I were invited to join this mission trip. I was excited for adventure, a new place in the world to visit, and if we could help people, all the better.

I was not prepared for what met me when we landed in Honduras.

…if I had only been more prepared.

Everything was so unreal. The land seemed fake. The place such a contradiction. There was extreme poverty and extreme wealth living side by side.

My heart went out to these people; my mind ached, thinking about all the ways we could help if I had only been more prepared.

The people were so friendly to us as foreigners. They welcomed us, giving of what little they had so we could experience their country. They tried to communicate however they could and their smiles were from the heart. VIDA staff and students were the most dedicated people I have ever met. Their lives made the words self-sacrifice come alive for me. They live the Christian life and encourage all others to do the same through their example. There was never a day when you did not hear a hymn being sung or a prayer of praise going up to the Father.

It was not all easy and fun though.

The work was difficult, but we all learned that God will never give you more then you can handle. My muscles ached every day but I could always handle it with God; people frustrated you, but there was always someone to pray with; and above all, I never felt far from God because there was nothing between us.

I was not prepared for what met me when we landed in Honduras.

Honduras taught me that, no matter what, my goal in this world must be to reach out to others and spread the gospel to those that I meet. Everyone deserves a chance to hear the good news and it is my responsibility to share it with them.

My life has found a new meaning and purpose, I have realized how inadequate I, of myself, am. My new goal is to live my life like a true Christian, not just in words but in actions.

There is one last thing.

The devil has tried everything possible to stray me from that goal. He has made some situations almost unbearable, but I know God is always faithful and will never leave me or forsake me.

“Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not.” 2 Corinthians 4:1