INTERmission 2011: Keiva

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I was blessed to see how eager for God’s word the people of Honduras were.

One night, at the evangelistic meeting in Agalteca, the rain started to pour and with an aluminum shingle roof, the clatter of the raindrops made it very difficult to hear what the speaker and translator were saying. When the rain started, the leaders in front separated attendees into groups to ask the Lord to stop the rain so that we could continue with the evangelistic meeting.

After waiting for a while it didn’t stop raining. On top of that, the electricity went out!

I had to check myself when I saw all the Honduran attendees straining their eyes…

Because it was so difficult to hear the speakers, folks were encouraged to huddle in the front to get as close to the preacher as possible.

The preacher began her discourse on Daniel and called for a text. I thought that I wouldn’t open my bible because there wasn’t enough light and I would be straining my eyes to see the text. But I had to check myself when I saw all the Honduran attendees straining their eyes, using the light from the headlamps of the preacher and translator. I thought WOE IS ME! FOR I AM UNDONE! Here, the people of Honduras are so eager and thirsty for the word of God that even if there isn’t sufficient light to read, they will try to use any bit of light to attain the true light in God’s word.

I realized how I should be thirsting and hungering for God’s word at all times and at all cost. There will soon be a time when I won’t have access to a Bible and I will need to make sure that His word is written in my heart and mind.