Fundraising tips for INTERmission 2011

INTERmission: Fundraising Tips

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Going to Honduras confirmed how God had not only been moving my heart to help His children in Honduras, but that he had called other young Christian soldiers to the same location! Something is happening! The presence of the Holy Spirit was working so vividly in Suyatal, Honduras that it made me realize that God had been preparing the people of this community to surrender all to Him for some time. The best part is that He wants to use you and me to help be guiding lights for them!

So I challenge you to pray and ask God if He is calling you to Honduras this summer or any mission trip long term or short term!

“But,” you say, “I have no money…”

We live in a world that tries to convince us that we have no time or money for things like missions. Many people let no visible source of income overshadow God’s call to missions. It is so easy to neglect praying for money or asking others for money and fundraising because of our sinful desire of wanting to be self-sufficient or because we feel we are bothering others. We must be humbled and remember that when God has called us we must trust in His word and do everything possible to go where He has called us.

I’m sure Elisha felt uncomfortable when God asked him to depend on a woman and her son whom he found dying of famine. We too must realize that having other brothers and sisters in Christ supporting us will not only refine us but will unify His church. This is when we will see miracles amongst God people! Like Elisha and the woman of Zarephath, God will use our members’ provisions to increase the oil (the Holy Spirit) and the flour for bread (God’s word) in our missionary endeavors!

Here are some ideas to get you started on how to find the money God has waiting for your mission trip!

  • Pray! Every day! Claim God’s promises to provide. Ask Him to prepare your heart to ask others for help!
  • Go to your church board and write a letter asking if they have any mission funds available for your trip and ask if it is OK if you run an event, make an announcement at church and send out letters to church members for funds.
  • Send a letter explaining your exciting news of how God has called you to the mission field and that you would be blessed by their contributions. Make sure you give them location and final date to send in the resources needed.
  • Get some friends and advertise a family friendly car wash.
  • Get your old junk and all your friends and families unused items and have a garage sale.
  • Contact your local county fair and have a team serve haystacks as an alternative to all the junk food. Price it reasonably, advertise, and when serving make sure to ask people what they want on their haystack and layering it on!
  • Get some church members to offer some of their talents and put on a fundraising concert/simple dinner that will raise money for your trip and make the theme the country you are heading to.
  • If you are heading to a highly impoverished area have a time after church or on the weekend for church members and community member learn and walk in the shoes in the day of the life of a child in that country. Ask for donations to the cause (e.g. have people eat a “lunch” that showcases how little those in poor areas eat, have people see if they can carry water across the football field in teams with no shoes).
  • Have a drive in “movie” (inside or outside) where each group pays to come and make their cars out of the materials you give them (card board, etc.) and then have some popcorn and snacks they can pay for while they are their and watch some inspiring mission stories or sermons!
  • Sell cookie dough or healthy treats. Most areas have a provider to help with fundraisers by selling food items at the door! And its successful! Go door to door let them know why you are selling it! (Make sure to leave some literature behind as well!)
  • Have an auction.
  • Ask people in the church if they have run down, junky cars that don’t work that you can sell for parts!
  • Plan a marathon or mini triathlon and have a registration fee and a goal for each member to raise for the mission trip!
  • Put it in the newspaper with non-personal contact information. You will be amazed and how many small flyers and papers will publish it for free and who will answer!