Isaiah 6

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For years I wondered how I was to share my faith, or if I was even qualified to do it. I came across Isaiah 6, and it has drastically changed my life.

In Isaiah 6:8, Isaiah answers the call to go for God. God’s sending forth of Isaiah is what we would call evangelism in our day. The verses proceeding Isaiah’s answer to go for God give us a crucial insight into how we are to prepare to share our faith.

1. Isaiah 6:1-4–The first part of Isaiah’s experience was seeing the goodness of God. Understanding God’s goodness and greatness is the first step in the Christian life.

2. As a result of seeing God’s goodness, Isaiah recognizes the lack in his own spiritual condition–Isaiah 6:5. The only reason that Isaiah gives as to why he recognizes how messed up he was is that “my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts.” We must all come to this realization in our lives as well. As we spend time studying the Bible and in prayer, we will naturally recognize that we have nothing good to bring to God. As we see ourselves in contrast to God’s goodness we won’t be able to help but recognize how tainted we are.

3.  Isaiah’s confession of his condition is the only action that preceded God forgiving, and cleansing him–Isaiah 6:6-7. It must be the same with us! When we recognize our sin, we must not run from God, and think we are not good enough for Him, but instead recognize that our great need is our greatest plea. God is longing to forgive, and cleanse us if we would just ask (1 John 1:9).

4.  As a result of God forgiving his great sin, Isaiah is willing to go on behalf of God–Isaiah 6:8. When Isaiah recognizes God’s worthiness and his own unworthiness, and God’s unlimited desire to cleanse him, he can’t help but say, “Here am I send me.” Our going for God must be in response to God’s goodness for us!

How is it with you? Have you seen the goodness of God, or have you just heard other people talk about it? Do you recognize your desperate need for Jesus? Have you confessed your sins to God, and experienced His indescribable peace? What will your response be?

For those who have had this experience: go for God. For those who are longing for this experience: spend time with Him in His Word. He is more than willing to give an experience like Isaiah’s to you!