Laborers Needed

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An apostle is defined as a messenger or one who is sent forth with orders. Jesus, being an Apostle Himself (Hebrews 3:1), chose twelve men and taught them how to be His apostles (Luke 6:13). They were sent with Christ’s orders to share the good news of the kingdom of God with the whole world.

Christ is looking to send more laborers into His field. As earth’s time continues to dwindle down, there is an urgent need for more laborers for the harvest. If you have never given serious consideration to attending a mission trip for the Lord, here are some reasons you should:

1) Learn to serve: The heart of ministry is service. Mission work strips you of your selfishness and forces you to put others first and to meet their needs. As you spend more time serving others, you will discover a deeper impression of servitude and humility that has taken root in your heart. You will learn first-hand how to decrease and let Christ increase in your life.

2) Reveal Christ: Many are weary and heavily burdened by the effects of sin. Short-term and long-term missionaries are needed to reveal Christ to a dying world. The world is desperately longing for the kind of pure love of God to be revealed by His followers. When you sign up for a mission trip, regardless of whatever role you find yourself, you may be representing Christ to someone who has never heard of Him before. How awesome a blessing and responsibility this is!

3) By beholding, you become changed: One of the most amazing parts of mission work is the change that is revealed in you! Many who sign up for missions may believe they are being sent to “bring deliverance to the oppressed” in some way, but more often than not, you will discover that you are the one who is changed!

4) To finish the work: Christ started this work, and He has commissioned us to finish it. Won’t you join us in finishing this work?

Please prayerfully consider signing up for our GYC INTERmission trip this August. The harvest is truly plenteous, but the laborers are few. Please be a laborer today.