Let’s Move

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All around us we see evidence of an increasing problem with unhealthy lifestyles and the effect that it has had on our society. It is heartbreaking to see even young children battling obesity. It leaves many of us wondering if there is something we can do to point others in the direction of a healthier way of life.

You and I are not the only ones who have noticed this growing problem within our nation. Michelle Obama has organized a day of physical exercise called the Let’s Move Day. On September 25, she has challenged all Americans to get outside and exercise! She has given Americans the goal of completing 3 million miles in one day. Whether it is running, walking, swimming, or biking, just move! Our North American Division has raised the bar for us Adventists. Not only are you invited to participate, your church is challenging you to help complete 1 million of those miles! What a testament that could be to the healthy lifestyle of Seventh-day Adventists!

Please take the time to visit the website for more information on how you and your local church can be involved. GYC, Let’s Move!