GYC 2011 Recording List

List of GYC 2011 Recordings

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To kick off the month of March, we want to encourage you to explore the audio and video resources from GYC 2011!

For ease of accessibility, we’ve made a master list of the recordings from GYC 2011 so that you can find all of the main sessions, seminars, and totalCHURCH sessions on one page. We think you’ll find this resource conducive to exploring (and being blessed by) the different messages and wide array of seminars from last year’s conference.

May the earnest plea of each and every one of us continue to be the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Main Sessions

Wednesday Keynote Address // Justin McNeilus

Thursday Morning Devotional // Charissa Fong

Thursday Plenary // Janet Page

Thursday Evening Devotional // Kameron DeVasher

Friday Morning Devotional // Charissa Fong

Friday Plenary // Jan-Harry Cabungcal

Friday Evening Devotional // Kameron DeVasher

Saturday Morning Devotional // Charissa Fong

Saturday Sabbath School

Saturday Worship Service // Dwight Nelson

totalCHURCH Plenary

Saturday Evening Devotional // Kameron DeVasher

Sunday Morning Devotional // Charissa Fong

Sunday Commitment Service // Sebastien Braxton


The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit // David Asscherick and Jeffrey Rosario

The Necessity of the Spirit // Doug Batchelor

The World’s Greatest Wireless Connection // Jorge Baute

Secrets of Pentecost // Stephen Bohr

Spirit Led Discipleship // Sebastien Braxton and Vikram Panchal

The Holy Spirit in Evangelistic CARE Groups // Daryl and Berenice Cheng

Revelation, Inspiration, and Interpretation: Keys to Understanding Scripture // Chester Clark III

The Greatest Need of All Our Lives // Ron Clouzet

Revival and Reformation // Ganoune Diop

Spirit, Sanctuary, and Seal // Roy Gane

Spirit // Roy Gane

Growing in the Church // Esther Knott

The Prophetic Significance of the Early and Latter Rain // Dwayne Lemon

Unity in the Church // Dan McGrath and Valmy Karemera

Reaching the Heart of a Broken World // Annie Morgan

The Movings of the Spirit // Ivor Myers

The Gift // Dwight Nelson

Healing from Sexual Brokenness // Nicole Parker and Steve Nelson

If I Go He Will Come // Wes Peppers

Spiritual Leadership & Spiritual Worship // Karl Tsatalbasidis


totalCHURCH: Preaching II // David Asscherick

totalCHURCH: Preaching I // David Asscherick

totalCHURCH: Praising God // Randy Ban

totalCHURCH: Devoted to Prayer Part I // Doug Batchelor

totalCHURCH: Devoted to Prayer Part II // Doug Batchelor

totalCHURCH: Breaking Bread Part I // Daryl and Berenice Cheng

totalCHURCH: Breaking Bread Part II // Daryl and Berenice Cheng

totalCHURCH: Leadership // Jay Gallimore

totalCHURCH: Worshipping // Roy Gane

totalCHURCH: As Any Had Need // Linda Krause

totalCHURCH: Adding to the Church // Annie Morgan

totalCHURCH: With Joy // Neil Nedley

totalCHURCH: All Things in Common // Magda Rodriguez

totalCHURCH: Signs and Wonders // Holly Smith