Knowing the Difference (MC) (1)

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  • Mary

    I can so relate to this young woman’s testimony in her earliest years of feeling of not being wanted. And I too have had great difficulty relating to God the father because of the abuse I suffered at the hands of the very people who should have sheltered and protected me.

  • Cori

    Mary- I was at a presentation that my Pastors wife, Mrs. DeWitt, gave and she shared a similar testimony. But what was beautiful about it is how God showed her why he let things in her past happen. She shared with us that when she was growing up in Africa, an Elder of the town followed her while she was walking home and raped her. She was very young, probably from 6-8 years old. And she always wondered why God let it happen to her. She now runs a sanctuary in Africa for young girls who suffer from Female Circumcision (mutilation of sexual organs encouraged by the tribe in order to marry the girls off for trade). These girls range from ages 5-10. Mrs.DeWitt explained that: what she went through when she was a little girl helped her understand why these young African girls suffered such trauma. She used Satan’s scar for God’s ministry. I pray that you may choose to do the same and take the hurt from your past and turn it into an understanding on how to help someone else in a similar situation. Keep praying and seeking, my sister, and he will reveal his chosen disciple-life that he has specifically chosen for you. <3