Much To Do About Something

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It’s that time of year again, where life seems to pick up speed and it’s hard to keep up. Holidays quickly approaching, projects and assignments winding up at work before year’s end, bracing for harsh changes in the weather, it all adds up in no time. Often, the easiest way to keep track of what needs to be accomplished is to keep a running “to do” list, just so something does not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season.

GYC, falling in this busy time of year, is of course no exception. As the months leading up to this year’s conference in Seattle have dwindled down to mere weeks, the to do list is ever increasing. There are programs to print, roads to map, signs to hang, and numbers to crunch. These are just a few of the things GYC volunteers are trying to cross off the master to do list in preparation for the upcoming conference.

But the most important thing that we can all remember to do to prepare for GYC is to remember to pray. GYC is not just the culmination of a to do list. It is something so much more than that. The annual conference is a time where like-minded Seventh-day Adventist young people congregate to receive inspiration and training, and it provides a space for us to network and mobilize to take the Spirit of GYC home and aid in fulfilling the mission of the church we love.

So while prayers are appreciated (and needed) for the many logistical aspects of GYC that need to be wrapped up in the next three weeks, it’s those items that are harder to quantify on a bulleted roll that are most important for us to remember to keep in prayer:

Pray for this year’s speakers, that they may be blessed with words those attending need to hear.

Pray for this year’s attendees, especially those attending for the first time or in need of revival, that our hearts will be prepared to receive the messages we hear and we will be open to each of the opportunities for ministry and networking afforded to us

Pray for the outreach day, that we may find those who are already longing to know the Lord Jesus.

Yes, there still is much to do, but is much to do about something. So please remember to keep prayer for the upcoming GYC convention on your to do list.