My Generation

My Generation
by Justin Kim

No, my generation didn’t die from starvation, disease, or war.
No, my generation didn’t die, sending young men to battle armies, nations, and ideas.
No, my generation didn’t die seeking an honorable death, a noble cause, and higher purpose.
No, my generation died in front of their computers, from gluttony, ignorance, and indifference, where the only passion they could muster up is a finger clicking on a mouse.
My generation died screamingly silent in apathy.
My generation died hungering for nothing but satisfaction.
My generation died diseased with overstimulation and undercontribution above and beyond any another generation before and beyond it.
No…my generation died even before it had a chance to die.

Who Do I Trust
by Izhar Buendia

Why do I tend to trust in Man
Why do I want them to be my fan
I try to please those who I talk to
I change so I am the one to talk to
But don’t I know that they will fail me
That their mistakes will not help me?

So who to trust if all is failure–
Only the One who is Creator
The perfect One, The Mighty One
Who to this world sent His Son
God, He loves us as no one does
Oh, that love up on the cross
All I can do is just love Him back
With all my life I trust Him back.

  • Thank you both for those inspired poems. God bless the two of you. I share your concern for current affairs happening worldwide. Technology can be used or abused just like anything else. Most people though don’t have limits on it and thus it takes its toll on families. God loves us all, but He wants respect and accountability from all whom claim to follow His Commandments.

  • Tammie B


  • Jacques Laguerre

    Both of these poems were awesome. My Generation really spoke to me. Inspiring people to get out of their simulated realities should be on the top of our list as a church. Great Stuff!!! Keep it up

  • Thank God for you guys,little do we realise how much trouble we are in as Millenials,our inectivity is killing us. Both poems are powerful especially the fact that the last on points us to the solution.