Conference Info
Break Forth
Theme Song
Arranged by Tony Evert
Main Speakers
Douglas Na'a
Morning Plenary
Steven Conway
Evening Plenary
Sam Walters
Divine Service
Doug Batchelor
Final Charge
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Theme Song

Verse 1
All around us in this world, sorrow is crying,
Suffering in misery: our world is dying.
It is ours to help and bless,
Give them aid and kindness
So we hear Christ calling us,
Will you go, and share My grace?

Then shall our light break forth as the dawn,
Love shall be our voice and song.
Hearts will seek and find His Word,
And the glory of the Lord will fill the earth.

Verse 2
Go ye into all the world: that is calling.
Give the message faithfully, all nations drawing.
Blend with deeds, the words we speak,
Truth in love to those we meet.
As we hear Christ’s call repeat,
Will you go, and feed My sheep?

Verse 3
Generation of God’s youth, brighten the darkness,
Give the everlasting word, always in kindness.
Deeds of love will help them see,
That our words are true indeed.
Do you hear Christ’s call in truth:
Will you go, and be My youth?

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