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I was never one for puzzles. As a child, it always amazed me how much entertainment my brother and cousins could get spending hours categorising little pieces into colour groups. The edges. Corners. Yellows here, greens there. After campaigning for alternative activities, to no avail, I’d try my hand at helping create the masterpiece.

“Look for the details. Each piece is like a turtle – it has a head, two legs, two arms, and sometimes a tail.” Puzzle-lingo baffled me. Mustering all my concentration for what seemed like an eternity, I only got as far as assimilating what vaguely resembled a finger. What is this supposed to be anyway?

My cousin handed me the box. For the next few minutes, I stood, mesmerised. A familiar picture I’d often seen fronting children’s stories of a young girl, not much younger than myself. Pointing to outstretched, nail-pierced palm of her Saviour, her eyes begged to know, “What happened to your hand?”

Suddenly, my small section was made all the more significant. I made the little girl’s finger. That it was a mere handful of pieces was no matter, for I’d gained perspective.


Life’s puzzles are a little more complex. So too, in ministry. There is much for me to learn, and a plethora of opportunities to match. Take my local church for example. Could I serve in Sabbath School or personal ministries this year? What about discipleship? Or perhaps an overseas mission?

Mulling over this, I realised Elijah shared a similar sentiment. His puzzle piece was Israel. Still reeling from God’s awesome victory at Carmel, he wrestled now with his own discouragement. Why hadn’t God provided more? More grace, more protection, more companionship. Our little piece of the local church community can be similarly lonely, daunting, discouraging.  In isolation, our efforts often seem futile – but what would Israel have been without Elijah?

It’s oft been said we are an army of youth, a movement even. How much do you really believe it?

God’s response makes me smile, every time. “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal.” (1 Kings 19:18)

It’s oft been said we are an army of youth, a movement even. How much do you really believe it? Sometimes we focus on the details. Our youth group. Our bible studies. Campus ministry. These ministries are vital, but to what end? What would your congregation, community and indeed, the global church be without your ministry? We are making disciples, yes, but are we yet to experience the synergistic potential of an army, 7000 strong?

The beauty comes in appreciating His perspective. Trials and challenges abound. Yet. This is God’s cosmic conflict, not ours. Fathom with me, the incredulity of a God that, before men and angels, create and called you to be one of seven thousand.

Out of this was born the Training New Timothies (TNT) Global initiative; a residential experiential urban mission experience hosted by Adventist Youth for Christ (AYC) in conjunction with GYC. This 10-day program will focus on the integration of key evangelistic elements to create effective, soul-winning churches in urban centres; but dually serve as a global forum for young missionaries from different countries to congregate and be inspired to know they are indeed, part of a bigger picture.

AYC TNT Global 2013 from Adventist Youth for Christ on Vimeo.

Two other GYC Intermission opportunities this year are similarly calling for sacrificial service. Your ministry in Manitoulin Island, CA or Allentown, NY speaks of dedication to a greater cause – to be a part of something universal.

“Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant” {AA 375.2} God has his 7000 today. Will you stand and be counted?