Pray for GYC Europe

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I think that when an event is only three weeks away is when the countdown really gets exciting. Four weeks? Nah, that’s an entire month. Two days? The event is basically happening—in fact, those of us in GYC leadership will already be on the ground preparing for one of, by God’s grace, the most momentous events to hit Europe in our lifetimes.

Whether you agree with me or not, this week I want to encourage you to join an international community by lifting up in prayer one particular aspect of GYC Europe: I encourage you to pray that God will give attendees testimonies to share with each other at the conference.

I recently saw a friend’s post that had floated onto my Facebook news feed that struck a chord: If we continue to abide in Jesus, if we think and talk more of Him, we will have precious acknowledgments of His grace to share with others at our gatherings. What a novel idea!

We agonize over papers for academic conferences, and buy hiking gear for camping expeditions—how much more ought we to be prepared for spiritual meetings?  Let’s lift each other up in prayer, that God will help us to be faithful to Him in the time leading up to the conference.  Let’s ask Him to give us a heart of self-sacrifice for each other, that we may not only receive but be a blessing to others when we meet (c.f. 1 Cor. 13:5).

I’m sincerely excited to see what God will do even before the conference begins—you know, a lot can happen in three weeks’ time!

Your sister in Christ,