Pray for Tanzania

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“For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” – Acts 13:47

GYC INTERmissions is excited and thankful that we have been called to serve in Tanzania this summer. Teaming up with ALIVE our mission trip this month will be serving in the city of Bunere, Tanzania. As a mission team, we recognize that the most important component for success in Christ’s work is prayer. As we will be working with a new orphanage and meeting community members medical and spiritual needs through our medical missions team and evangelistic outreach, we ask for your commitment to uplift this mission in prayer.

The community in which we are currently serving is predominately non-Christian. Christ has called us to reach these people with love, kindness, and a willing heart. As many of us are excited for the second coming of Christ we must realize the importance of reaching those who have never had the opportunity of hearing about Christ’s first coming and the joy of salvation. You may not physically see the fruit of your prayers for this mission in this lifetime but I assure you that by the grace of God we will one day embrace these brothers and sisters in heaven and rejoice that Christ was able to intercede in their lives through our prayers.

…the most important component for success in Christ’s work is prayer.

Here is a list of prayer request our mission team has for the June 3-17 mission trip. We encourage you to pray every day of our short-term mission and to continue to pray for those whom God has called to Bunere as their long-term mission field.

Prayer Requests:
The Holy Spirit to guide each member of the team.
Safe travels to and throughout the mission
The health of all the team members
One-to-one witnessing opportunities
Strength in our weakness
For all logistics to work out in God’s favor
For the door-to-door work
For God to hold the rain back during any important outdoor work
For the Bible workers and their bible studies
For outreach invitations to medical and evangelistic events. (June 4-5)
For our evangelistic meetings (June 6-17)
That God would speak through our preachers
For the medical team to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community
For many to hear the word of God and be moved to answer His call
For the children at the orphanage to feel welcome to their new home, feel loved, have fun and know Christ loves them
That the children’s ministries at the orphanage can bring hope and a smile to all the children
That many many would choose to follow Jesus.
That all in the community no matter what belief may be blessed by our efforts

On behalf of our GYC INTERmission team, I would like to thank you so much for your dedication to pray for this mission. We are excited to report back to you how God provided. I know you will gain a great blessing through praying as well.

“Neither life nor death, height nor depth can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus; not because we hold Him so firmly, but because He holds us so fast.” – Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 54