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$123 for registration + $94 for housing = $217.

$217 * 10 people = $2170

GYC Experience = priceless

This was the approximate cost (not counting food and transportation) for us, the University of Michigan’s group of students, to go to the GYC Conference. You all have probably done similar calculations and have wondered how you’d be able to obtain the necessary funds.

Word was passed around that students at Michigan State University had once gotten $3,000 from their university to pay for the GYC Conference. Inspired, hopeful, and slightly desperate, we filled out a funding application for the Michigan Student Assembly (MSA), one of the major funding bodies at the University of Michigan. We had applied for funding in the past, but never for such a large amount and never for GYC. In addition to answering the usual “What is the event?” and “How will this affect the campus?” questions, we attached another page of GYC information.  We detailed the costs for each person, our plans for transportation and housing, and how the conference would affect us as young students personally (the networks we’d form, the life lessons we’d learn, and the people we’d meet).

The funding awards usually go out a week after the deadline. God really does work in His own time, because two weeks after submitting the application, ASC still didn’t get a response. We emailed MSA, who replied stating they never got the application. Distraught, we asked them to check again, to which they responded that we should just re-submit during the next cycle, a month after the first. After waiting a month and submitting, MSA awarded us $0 because our application was incomplete. AGAIN we begged them to check again, asserting (nicely) that we had definitely submitted everything. Within 24 hours, they emailed back with the wonderful news. Adventist Students for Christ was awarded $2,450! That’s enough for 10 students’ registrations, housing, and transportation!

Perhaps the submission issues had to happen so that MSA would notice us. Perhaps they just had a lot of money to give. Either way, for certain, God blessed our efforts as well as increased our measure of patience.

If there is a will (God’s will), there is a way. Applying for funding through your university is just one way.  Countless others have found other ways. Who knows, maybe the person who is sitting next to you during the conference got there by a generous church member. Maybe he or she got there by selling knitted scarves. Or maybe he or she doesn’t even know what happened because God worked it out so quickly and amazingly! What will be your way?