Prime Time and Prayer Time

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Last December I had the privilege of being a guest at the Revival & Reformation Committee Retreat. The one thing I loved best about being there was the seasons of prayer – bowing down before God in worship, repentance, and supplication for an hour at a time, several times during the weekend. On Sabbath night after sun had set, the committee began its work.

During the course of the evening, a suggestion came up. What if the General Conference put a pause in the busy administrative schedule and set special time aside for prayer? Not just a prayer for guidance as a committee began a meeting, but specific, concentrated time to seek God and His direction and blessing? I shared with the committee that I firmly believe that knowing that the General Conference was taking time out of their work to spend time on their faces before the Lord would do more to encourage every honest young person, than all the committees and documents they could produce in the quinquennium.

Considering the massive amount of business and decision making taking place at the GC, and the schedules booked years out, such a suggestion seemed nearly impossible any time soon, especially with the rapidly approaching GC Session. But Elder Wilson took out a small calendar and a pen and started looking over the next year.

Now, six months later, the General Conference is about to have their first time of dedicated, special prayer. June 16 – 19 is the GC’s Prime Time — the days when all GC officers do not travel and are in the building so special committees can meet — and they are taking time every morning to have intense prayer instead before getting into the agendas for the day.  They will do the same in their next Prime Time, January 5-8, 2015.

My heart fills with joy and thankfulness to God for the priorities the GC has chosen to take. Now it’s our turn. The GC emailed me, asking if we as young people would be willing to join them in specific prayer on those days. I told them we would.

There are so many things to pray for. Indeed, so many branches and initiatives of our world-wide Seventh-day Adventist movement. And each needs our specific prayer. But for this Prime Time, I firmly believe we as young people should pray specifically for three things:

  1. That God will specially manifest His Spirit at the GC’s prayer times, bringing everyone in the building close together in the oneness of devotion to Him;
  2. that this Prime Time will be specially guided and blessed of God; and
  3. for God to give the Seventh-Day Adventist church, from our local churches all the way to the General Conference, a special measure of His grace.

And, while we’re at it, let’s pray for a special blessing on the personal lives of those in responsibility at the General Conference.

So join me: June 16-19, from 8 – 9 am Eastern Time. Find the time to get on your knees and join the General Conference in pressing our case before the Throne of Grace. And if you can’t do it then, still take some time aside during those days to intercede specifically for the General Conference and our beloved church.