Revolution Underway

Revolution Underway: Memorizing Acts

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We are always inspired to hear of young people doing radical things for God throughout the year.  This post features one such endeavor.

It started so small. Just two women and one idea so radical I pinched myself wondering if I was brave enough to own it too.

In the simplest terms, The book of Acts: 28 chapters, 1,007 verses, 24,308 words—in 300 days.

It didn’t take long before the ripple of excitement had extended from Alonna and my sister Natasha to the rest of my family and a few other friends.

And then something came over us, and we ventured to dare.

What if a whole group of young people decided to dedicate serious time to memorization this year?  What if the book of Acts became an experience, and not just the theme for the next GYC? What if young, brave minds (and brave older ones!) chose to saturate their spring, summer, and fall with the Word? What might be accomplished in a few months!?

And so, we set forth the challenge. Just 3 verses a day.

What if a whole group of young people decided to dedicate serious time to memorization this year?

Instead of the “dozen-or-so” interests we expected, within the first week, we numbered nearly 80 on five different continents.

The movement is growing. When we set out, we were determined to make a way, even where we didn’t see one. Before long, we had connected with the minds behind several popular memorization aids, and now they’re as excited as we are!

We’ve been so blessed by the experience, the camaraderie, the prayers for each other, and the fun of memorizing together, we just had to invite you to join us too…

Won’t you?

Did I mention that this is the perfect time to join? We’ve just started on Chapter 3. Jump right in.

You’re invited. To invest in your mind, in your soul. You’ll never regret it.


The following are links to resources you’ll find helpful for the Acts memorization challenge:

Join the group! Go to their main memorization aid page.

Stay in touch via a on the original blog post (scroll down).

Browse helpful hints on memorization (be sure to read the comments!).

Download an audio version of Acts.

View the memorization schedule online.

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