San Francisco GLOW Outreach Testimonies

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One Week. One Goal. One Million.

It is amazing to see what God can do through a generation of young people who are willing to take time off work and school to be involved in reaching out to others.

In preparation and response to the major sports event happening in San Francisco, GLOW (Giving Light To Our World) planned to distribute one million GLOW tracts before and during the Super Bowl. A special tract about the Sabbath was created just for this event and with much prayer and the dedication of 30+ GLOW missionaries this goal was accomplished.

Here are two testimonies about what God has done in San Francisco just a few weeks ago.

Cheyna’s Testimony:

After entering a fast food restaurant, I asked the one of the waitresses, “Do you know what Southern Hospitality is? Well in honor of your southern hospitality, I’d like to present you this honorary gift!” It was a packet of GLOW tracts I had on me, and the tract entitled “Where is God when I’m hurting?” was on top.

The waitress replied under her breath “I need this!” She started mentioning to us about her son being suspended from school that day.

I responded by telling her that as Christians we believe in something called the “Great Controversy,” and that Satan is trying to attack us simply because we were created by the One he despises most. She nodded in agreement and said she was also Christian and agreed wholeheartedly that we are in a war.

We then asked her what church she went to and she started explaining how she isn’t really going to any church now because she just can’t seem to get Sunday’s off. My friend Nidia asked her which day she did have off, and she replied that the only day she could seem to get off was Saturday. When she said that everyone on our GLOW team started hooting and hollering; she was overwhelmed and started asking, “What happened? Did I say something?” So right then and there we gave her a little Bible study on which day was the Sabbath. While quoting the fourth commandment, I held up my fingers and started going through the days of the week and their order. When we got to seven and Saturday, she stopped and said, “Wait, so Saturday is the sabbath?”

In the end we invited her to come to church with us. She was very excited to do so, and was also very excited for the Bible studies. We took a picture with her and she started to get teary eyed. She said “How does this happen? How do people meet like this?” We know the answer! God’s providence is always on time and he sends the right people to meet the right people at the right time! We exchanged contact information and are keeping in touch with her.”
— Cheyna Ashe

Vonée’s Testimony:

One day when I was GLOWing a tall, muscular, tough-looking man named Micah came out to his driveway. With an intimidating, stern face he said to me, “I really wish you wouldn’t do that.” He took the GLOW tracts away from where I had placed them and attempted to hand them back to me!

I am a petite and timid girl, and here was a scary big man. I was scared at first, to say the least! But God had been teaching me to not fear man and to be bold for the cause of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit came over me, and I started to push the GLOW tracts right back toward Micah. I was shocked at myself as I said, “Oh, I’m so sorry sir, but you see, we are just sharing helpful information for the community! This tract here is about heart health! And this one is about where God is when we are hurting. And this one is interesting; it asks the question, “Can the dead speak?”

To my surprise Micah replied firmly, “No they can’t!”

“Exactly! You’re so right!” I said.

“What church are you from?” he asked.

“I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, have you heard of us?” I said, with some confidence from the Lord.

“Oh yeah, I have. You all…you’re alright, you’re alright,” he said in a slightly playful way as he started to warm up and let his guard down. I laughed, and to make a long story short we quickly became good friends!

We had a lot in common to talk about. It turns out Micah was on his way to church with his wife. He was a Christian, and He also shared that he was a former marine and just was a bit defensive about people being near his property. He mentioned that he was a “recovering Catholic,” and shared how he was against the teachings of purgatory and indulgences because they were unbiblical. He also said that he was going to be preaching on the streets around the location of pre-superbowl game activities on one upcoming night. He even started to share tips with me on evangelism and reaching souls for Christ. And on top of it all, it even turns out that his brother’s girlfriend is Seventh-day Adventist!

This same man who scared me at first and tried to give me back the GLOW tracts, was now my friend, taking pictures with me and taking those same tracts back home with Him. Had I given into fear and taken back those tracts and timidly walked away, Micah—who God had already exposed to our church and convicted about the precious truth of the state of the dead and much more, and who also loves to share the gospel with others—would not have gotten those tracts which can help to lead him into greater light as he prepares himself and others for the soon coming of Jesus!” — Vonée Hemans

Just like Cheyna and Vonée, you too can be a missionary right where you are. Pick up a few tracts and let Jesus GLOW through you!