Spiritual Revival through Mission

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My spiritual life has turned around since the GYC Mission trip to Iceland. For a long time, I have been praying for a spiritual revival because I had forgotten how to love God. I forgot about the first love I had for God four years ago when I was converted. During this trip, however, God answered my prayers for a revival experience. Never before have I felt so close to God. I could feel God walking with me to every house I visited. There were times when I would forget about Him and rely on myself but I could tell something was missing.

Countless times, things happened that would seem purely coincidental but they were miracles performed by God. For example, I visited two churches while distributing GLOW tracts in a neighborhood. Both times something tugged on my heart to visit these churches at a specific time (which meant skipping a few houses down and going straight to the church). Usually, these churches are locked or empty but for those two occasions, I ran into someone rushing out of the church, who then took a bunch of GLOW tracts of each kind to be placed at the churches for the local members. On another occasion, I met some people who were connected with my home countries. This common ground caused them to open up to me. One time on our way home after a day of prayer and distributing GLOW tracts, I felt impressed to place these tracts at a bus stop before we made our way to the vehicle that came to pick us up. Doing this meant that I would delay the whole team from their warm dinner and rest, but I was urged by God to do so anyway. While putting up a packet of GLOW tracts on the wall of the bus stop, a young man stopped by and asked what I was doing. After a short, friendly conversation I handed him some GLOW tracts and he suddenly shouted, “Is this about Jesus? Wow! That’s crazy!” He explained that his new boss would not stop talking about Jesus and he was wondering what that was all about! “God must be trying to tell me something,” he said while taking all the different GLOW tracts. After that, we prayed together. There were many other instances where I saw God leading. For example, God stopped someone’s bike from working all of a sudden so I could talk with him. Another time, I met a Christian lady who thanked us for doing this.

With my modern Laodicean mindset, I never expected to see miracles or experience divine appointments, but God proved me wrong. This trip has taught me so many things, from how prayers should never cease to how God is still very real and mighty. To be honest, at first I thought the trip was disorganized because we were not given details of what would be expected but given how prayer-centered and God-focused this trip was, I was proven wrong again. When we surrender everything – I mean really everything – to God, He will allow amazing things to happen.

Esther Kim, USA
GYC Missionary to Iceland, 2019

Esther Kim is a senior student at Bryn Mawr College, PA, studying Psychology. She spent her early childhood in South Korea and has moved around from Singapore to the USA. She is excited to see where God will take her next.

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