GYC Studies


GYC Studies is an initiative co-sponsored by GYC and CAMPUS to inspire Adventist young people to engage with today’s relevant topics from a Bible-based perspective.


February 1-3, 2013
Camp Au Sable, Grayling, Michigan
Theme: Social Justice
Verse: Zec. 7:9-10

Kameron DeVasher
Justin Kim
Valmy Karemera
Sikhu Hlatshwayo
Jay Gallimore
Amy Sheppard
Tennille Shin
Israel Ramos


Bible–any book/passage that you believe addresses social justice
Ellen G. White, Welfare Ministry (1952)
Ellen G. White, The Southern Work (1966)
Ellen G. White, Temperance (1949)

Norman R. Gulley, Systematic Theology: Prolegomena (Andrews University Press, 2003)*
George W. Reid, ed., Understanding Scripture: An Adventist Approach (Biblical Research Institute, 2006)
Fernando Canale, “The Eclipse of Scripture and the Protestantization of the Adventist Mind” (JATS, Fall 2010/Spring 2011)–Part 1 & Part 2

While these resources represent a tiny sliver of the resources available on social justice and “studying” available today, they help provide an Adventist-worldview-based foundation for understanding and processing the many ideas concerning the issue of social justice in our world today.

*Given the length of the book, we will accept reflections on a single chapter and its relation to the topic of “studying” and Scripture.


Regular registration is now closed, but on-site registration will be available for a limited number of attendees!
On-site Cost: $100 (see below for information about discount)–includes housing, registration fee, and meals

Receive a 50% discount on your registration fee by submitting one of the following to by the beginning of the conference:

1. written reflection on the topic of studying social justice (minimum 4 pages double-spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point font)
2. book review of one resource from the study list (same requirements as #1)
3. musical or artistic piece on theme of social justice

In order to facilitate reflection and study of the Studies topic prior to the conference, we highly encourage you to make a submission to


If you plan to attend GYC Studies, find out about a special service project taking place at Camp Au Sable HERE.

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