The Hour Has Come

The Hour Has Come

The Hour Has Come.

Or, at least, the day has. It’s July 20, 2012, the day so long envisioned, so eagerly anticipated, so intricately planned, and so earnestly prayed over by people spanning the Atlantic. Our hope is high.

One can sense the excitement of the young people who have dedicated countless hours to making GYC Europe a reality. One can’t help but be inspired by their diligence, passion, and enthusiasm down to even the smallest detail of preparation. Everything is ready—the stage is decorated, the outreach bags are packed (GYC pens included), and exactly one thousand five hundred and two chairs are set up in the main meeting hall. All that’s left to do now is to wait, wait for the hour itself coming in  (watch now).

And, of course, to pray. O, how we must pray! We—here on site—and you—reading this around the world—must pray. “We are at the cusp of changing earth’s history.” Hearing Justin say that at volunteer worship this morning gave us goosebumps. Let that sink in for a minute. Do you hear? We are at the cusp of changing earth’s history! This is why we must pray. Dare you miss out?

  • Ralph Lombart from Canterbury, England

    “God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.”
    John Wesley

    Our family are praying for God’s richest blessings on this great event.

    Sister White wrote:
    In preparation for the coming of our Lord, we are to do a large work in the great cities.
    We have a solemn testimony to bear in these great Centers.

    May the good Lord bless each of you as you as go about sharing Jesus with everyone you meet in the City of Linz!


  • Esther R. Knott

    Praying for GYC-Europe. What a privilege we have to change history in our own lives, and in our churches, communities, conferences, countries, and the world. May the seeds be planted in Europe and spread to the world. Reign free, Holy Spirit. Rain.

    Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University
    Berrien Springs, Michigan USA