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The Makings of an Acts Experience

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It began in December during GYC 2011. We were sitting in a conference room in the Hilton, having been called together to hear some news. Thando was telling us that GYC would be partnering with our conference to promote a special initiative.

“The plan is to knock on every door in Charleston, West Virginia this year. Aren’t you excited?”

Honestly, I wasn’t. Having organized smaller-scale outreach events, I wondered how we would accomplish this goal and began going through a list of questions in my mind. What exactly was the plan? Who would organize everything? And who would be willing to help?

God has an interesting sense of humor. A few weeks later, I received a call asking if I’d be willing to help organize some of the outreach events throughout the year. I prayed about it and said yes.

Through much thought and prayer, clearer plans emerged for our special mission in Charleston. We would knock on every door in Charleston by means of the following:

  1. monthly outreach days where church members would gather from around the conference for encouragement, training, and outreach and
  2. a two-week urban mission trip in July where young people from around the country would gather in Charleston to blanket the city,
  3. all leading up to a youth-led, youth-preached evangelistic series in October.

Now I was excited!

Our GYC/West Virginia team launched the mission with a rally, a GYC convention in miniature, held on March 23-24 in Charleston. Young and old gathered from around West Virginia, as well as out of state. We heard inspiring messages and committed to being involved in mission work throughout the year.

Then we went on outreach, through which:

  • 55 people knocked on over 898 doors in roughly two hours,
  • 106 people signed up for Bible studies,
  • 116 other Bible study cards were left with people to mail in later,
  • 646 pieces of GLOW were distributed, and
  • 127 people were prayed with!

Upon hearing the results of our outreach efforts, someone remarked, “One hundred Bible studies out of nine hundred homes is an anointed level of response. The Holy Spirit is knocking on hearts as you knock on doors.” The Holy Spirit is truly moving in West Virginia and people are responding! And this is just the beginning!

I didn’t realize it then, but there were twelve of us from West Virginia in that conference room in the Hilton on that December night. Twelve people who didn’t know how they would fulfill this commission, but twelve people who were willing to be used by God.

Twelve others who gathered in a room to contemplate and pray over a commission—to take the gospel to the world—they had just been given may come to your mind. They also didn’t know the details of how exactly they would reach this goal, but they knew they were called by God and were willing to obey. In a few short years, they had turned the world upside down.

If twelve men could shake the world, surely we can handle a city.

But we won’t do it alone. They didn’t either. They did it by the grace and power of God and with the help of other consecrated individuals who joined the cause.

Exciting things are happening in West Virginia! Please keep us in your prayers as we work to impact Charleston.

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