The Power of an Example

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The GYC Iceland missionary experience has helped me grow spiritually and improved my prayer life tremendously. When I began, I had anxieties about meeting new people in a new country. I didn’t have this problem back home and at other GYC outreach programs in Baltimore, Louisville, and Seattle. But this time things were different. I felt scared of rejection, lost and nervous every time I had to go door-knocking. One day I was blessed to be partnered with a sweet and friendly girl from Philadelphia named Esther Kim. This was a powerful experience for me. Esther taught me to pray more diligently every time we gave out a GLOW tract to a person on the street. We had special prayers before and after knocking on a door. We prayed after we completed a small area and before going to another one. I saw her fearlessly and boldly reaching out to everyone she saw on the street eagerly sharing Jesus with everyone. She did it with urgency in her actions as if this person might not be saved if she didn’t. By looking and learning from her I realized that I acted like a scaredy-cat, putting my strength not in the power of God, but in my own. Jesus was rejected repeatedly by many, but He was never too tired to reach out to every soul. He died on the cross so we could live in spite of our sins. It was an amazing experience, we prayed with many people, we had a lot of them taking the tracts, and we had people asking questions.

The following day I was dropped off in an area on my own. It was quite a big area. I reached a place that seemed like a daycare center or school, but something stopped me. I asked myself whether I should even try to go in. I overcame myself and I went in. To my surprise, a lovely lady took about 100 tracts and said she would share them with others. Later that same day, I went to three more schools or daycare centers where the staff agreed to take the tracts. I gave out about 1000 tracts that day, but most importantly I overcame my fears and let God use me in a mighty way.

Throughout this GYC experience, I have grown through prayer and supplication to become closer to God. I was reunited with like-minded people who share the same mission and I learned from each and every person. I have become bold and ready to continue serving God wherever I am. I’m ready to go to the end until Jesus comes. I praise the Lord for this trip and for those who put it together. I can’t wait to go on another one to see what God can do.

Olga Kyselova, USA
GYC Missionary to Iceland, 2019

Olga Kyselova is a public school ESL teacher in Brooklyn, NY. She spent her childhood and young adulthood in Kyiv, Ukraine. When she came to the USA in 2006 she became a follower of Christ and got baptized in Manhattan SDA church in 2010. She wants to be a missionary for Christ anywhere she goes.

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