Theme Song

But If Not

Updated: December 31, 2023

Written and arranged by Tony Evert


This world is dark and filled with such confusion.
The truths of God seem hidden from its view.
But I am called to bring light to the darkness
By living out the truth.

While evil seeks to lead men to deception,
God’s Holy Word is light to show the way
Along a path that’s leading ever upward,
Towards eternal day

And though the heavens fall,
Still, I will trust Him,
And in my darkest trial,
I believe that God, who loves me so,
Will save me by His hand;
But if not, still, I will stand.

I am not promised to a life of comfort
And not exempted from the sting of pain
But I am promised there will be Another
Walking through the flame

When trials come, I will be ever faithful
Unto the God who gave His only Son.
Not by my strength, but through His Holy Spirit
I will overcome!