13 Quotables from GYC 2014

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We collected some of the most quotable/tweetable/bloggable lines from the main meetings at this year’s GYC in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was hard to choose only thirteen—there are so many more we could have included!  

13.  “Jesus was not loaned, He was given.” (Pr. Kameron Devasher)

12.  “Today’s mantra is freedom, but it is Jesus Who offers ultimate freedom.” (Dr. Michael Hasel)

11.  “When Protestant leaders are going back to Catholicism, God is calling for a generation of young people to go back to the Bible.” (Pr. David Shin)

10.  “In this culture it is very popular to search and search and search.  But it is very unpopular to find the answer.” (Dr. Michael Hasel)

9.  “Lean hard.” (Natasha Nebblett)

8.  “It’s about time to put your faith into action.” (Esther Caukill)

7.  “It is only through connecting to the Bible that we can be fruitful and faithful in this age of faithlessness.” (Elder Ted Wilson)

6.  “Obedience has nothing to do with legalism and everything to do with loyalty.” (Pr. Kameron Devasher)

5.  “The DNA of our Adventist message is prophetic, not pathetic.” (Dr. Ingo Sorke)

4.  “…nevertheless.” (Pr. Adam Ramdin)

3.  “But God did the opposite of Adam.  He was willing to give up His most prized possession.” (Pr. Stephen Bohr)

2.  “The sanctuary is more than a doctrine.  It is to be a roadmap for doing theology.” (Pr. David Shin)

And perhaps the pithiest of them all:

1.  “It is OK to be SDA.” (Dr. Ingo Sorke)

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