What to Pray For – Justin McNeilus

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No question, this is one of the most exciting times for GYC: our first overseas convention. There’s so much happening, from so many different angles, that sometimes it’s hard to know even where to begin to ask for prayer.

But that is what I am asking you to do: pray for our meeting in Austria.  We are asking everyone to pray every day at 9pm (regardless of their time zone) for GYC in Europe, because we truly believe that a meeting like this could help make a powerful difference for our church in Europe.

What to pray for?

First, pray that we can set a powerfully positive example for the locals in the town of Linz, where the convention is happening.  However much we want this meeting to be a time of spiritual nourishment and growth for the young people who attend, we also want to be a witness for Jesus, and for our church, among the local population.

Please, pray, too, for a sense of unity. We are expecting people from more than 30 nations to attend.  We all come with our own needs, our own visions, and our own sense of expectancy; thus, we truly want there to be a sense of unity, of common purpose that we share as young Seventh-day Adventists who truly want to make a difference, not only in our church but in the world.

Finally, pray too that our young people will leave there with a renewed sense of dedication to the Lord, a dedication that will reveal itself in a deeper desire to not only be faithful to the Lord but to be determined to be beacons of light and hope wherever we live. Our world is falling apart; our church is facing challenges; let’s pray that as a result of these meeting, the young people who attend will leave with a renewed sense of the need for the grace and power of God in their lives.

Yes, these are a few of the things on our heart that we, truly, would like you to pray for, as we embark on this exciting new part of our GYC ministry.

God Bless,